Utility Incentives

Public utility companies, along with participating cooperatives and municipalities can be a part of the Illinois Solar and Wind Rebate Program administered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. This program’s funding cycle generally opens in the fall and offers a rebate for solar and wind installations based on a percentage of project costs or a funding cap, whichever is less. An application must be submitted upon opening of the funding cycle for funding consideration. WindSolarUSA, Inc. can inform you of the upcoming funding cycle opening date and help you to ensure that all paperwork is satisfactorily completed and submitted as soon as the funding cycle opens to guarantee that you receive due consideration. Click here for more information. 

Some rural cooperatives and municipalities may choose not to participate in the program administered by the state, but rather to administer their own local program. Springfield's City, Water, Light & Power is an example of one such entity that offers a rebate program annually in the spring. We will work with your utility company to inquire about possible rebates and incentives available in your locality and assist you with completion of all necessary paperwork.

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