Solar Photovoltaics Assessment Process

Why do I need a Photovoltaic Certified Site Assessment?

The simple answer help you make an informed decision about your solar purchase.
A WindSolarUSA, Inc. Certified Site Assessment provides you with the following benefits: 

  • General information about your site
  • Detailed information about how you can increase your energy efficiency/reduce your current load
  • Photo examples of different types of photovoltaic systems
  • Professional analysis, using a “Solar Pathfinder”, of shading concerns that will effect production
  • A detailed description of the optimum location for you to place a solar photovoltaic system
  • Production estimate
  • An analysis of your current annual electrical consumption
  • Calculation of the size of system required to meet your current and/or projected load
  • Monthly production estimate of what your system will produce
  • A complete listing of the various grants, rebates and incentives available to finance your system
  • Estimated system cost
  • Financial analysis inclusive of estimated electricity escalation rates and incentives available to project a detailed return on investment over the life of the system