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5.13kW Solar PV System Installation

SPRINGFIELD — Installation of a 5.13kW Solar PV System began at the O’Brien residence on August 9, 2014. All American-­‐made products were used consisting of (19) SolarWorld 270 watt black on black modules, (19) Enphase M250 microinverters and monitoring, and Unirac’s Solarmount product for racking. David Parker of MMLP, Ltd. completed the structural engineer’s report prior to installation and install partners Jon Lock Home Improvement and Nadler Electrical Contracting completed the on-­‐site installation under Project Manager, Michelle Knox, owner of WindSolarUSA, Inc.


After the structural engineering updates were completed to support the roof, installation of the roof flashing and L feet began to support that rails. Pictured above is the start of that process (left) and the finished rail installation (right).

Upon completion of the rail installation, the team mounted the Enphase microinverters. Each module has its own inverter for the purpose of converting DC power to usable AC power at the individual module level. This inversion process also eliminates the worry over any modules that may be partially shaded at certain times of the day, pulling down the entire string of modules. This can increase overall performance of the system via production and also allows for module level monitoring to ensure that all products are working at their optimum.

Once the rail and inverter installation was complete, the modules were ready to be installed. A combiner box was added by the electrical install team to combine the two AC strings. The rails and modules were also grounded for safety. After the stings were combined, the single AC power line was run down the exterior of the home in conduit to hit an AC disconnect located at the utility meter. This disconnect allows the system to be disabled from the ground. After hitting the disconnect, the AC power line was fed into the main service panel located in the basement as a power supply to the residence.

Here we see the proud system owners, Tom & Dee O’Brien, in front of their home and new system! Thank you to the O’Brien’s for their business and “going solar”!