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How WindSolarUSA Is Different

When deciding whether or not to do business with a company, it helps to gain insight into what sets that company apart. At WindSolarUSA, we believe there are a number of things that make us distinctive, and we’re proud to be able to share those points with you.

We are a local, female-owned and operated business

We genuinely care about affecting Central and Southern Illinois for the better because it is our home. Our commitment to the community is something we work to exemplify with every customer interaction. 

We feature American-made modules and racking

At WindSolarUSA, we like to say, “buy American, be American.” We believe that supporting American manufacturing is a critical component of the future of solar; in fact, our ground mount racking is custom manufactured for our customers in Illinois, meaning it’s an in-state product. 

We use the same local installation teams for all of our projects

We utilize the same construction and electrical teams for all of our jobs. This way, we can feel confident that our work will be completed with a high degree of skill and competency. Our Central Illinois construction team has eight years of installation experience, and our Central Illinois IBEW electrical team has five years of experience. Our Southern Illinois IBEW electrical and construction teams have three years of installation experience, and our statewide ground mount team has two years of experience. 

All told between the installation teams and staff, our entire operation boasts more than 40 years of combined experience!

We are approaching 200 solar projects across the state

From Cairo to Bensenville, WindSolarUSA has helped to bring solar to hundreds of homes, businesses, and organizations across the state. 

We have strategic local partnerships

Thanks to our years in the industry, we have developed close working relationships with architects, engineers, and banks to make going solar as simple and safe as possible for our customers. 

We get involved with the community

As we previously mentioned, we are deeply committed to positively impacting the community in a meaningful way. Because of this, we have donated four Habitat for Humanity Installations and assisted with grants for educational installations at Kidzeum, Henson Robinson Zoo, and 13 “Solar for Schools” projects across the state. 

We advocate for our customers

Although solar isn’t exactly “new,” many of the policies surrounding renewable energy on the state and local levels are still evolving; we work to ensure that Going Solar is accessible and financially viable for all. 

We’ve taken part in advocacy efforts such as the Muni/Co-op battle/win against ComEd to ensure solar funding for all Illinoisans, the Springfield CWLP Net Meter/Interconnect Ordinance to defeat Buy All/Sell All Policy, and have assisted with the adoption of net metering/interconnect policies in the municipal utility territories of Sullivan, Chatham, and Riverton. Additionally, we have worked to prevent unfair insurance requirements and ensure “grandfathering” for existing solar policies when they were being changed to something less desirable for customers. 

We make it a priority to educate the public

One of the key tenets of our business is that we believe all customers should be thoroughly educated before Going Solar. 

In addition to providing as much information as possible to prospective customers, we have also engaged in Sustainable Springfield Inc. public education presentations, Faith Coalition Community Presentations for Solar Education, Downstate Caucus Educational Presentations, and Illinois Solar Energy Association Educational Presentations. Through these outreach efforts, we hope to provide the public with a better, deeper understanding of renewable energy. 

Our personal education

WindSolarUSA Owner, Michelle Knox, completed her training through the Midwest Renewable Energy Association.  Over the course of five years, she completed twelve classes in solar photovoltaics, wind energy, solar thermal and instructor training totaling 240 credit hours.  She now is an adjunct solar instructor for Lincoln Land Community College (her alma mater) helping others to learn about solar photovoltaics and/or prepare themselves for a career in the industry.

WindSolarUSA Office Manager, Kara Blankenship, has taken over 16 credit hours of MREA coursework in solar site assessment and received countless hours of on the job training continuing her solar educational journey.

At WindSolarUSA, we believe there are many unique attributes that set us apart, but we’d rather show than tell—contact us today to learn more about going solar, and to see for yourself what sets us apart!